Searzall Review

While sous vide cooking is an excellent way to achieve perfectly cooked meats every time, you’ll still need a way to put a nice sear on your food. While this is often done by putting the meat into a very hot cast iron skillet, you run the risk of overcooking your edges. You also tend to smoke up the whole kitchen, maybe even the whole house this way, since the pan needs to be super hot. That can get old after a while, especially for others in the hosuehold. With a Searzall torch attachment, you can get that beautiful sear without all the smoke. You can also avoid accidentally cooking the meat further than that perfectly delicious rare or medium-rare that you really want. (Precise results are the whole point of sous vide!)

The Searzall torch attachment is best used with a Benzomatic TS8000 torch, which is the more powerful of the torches that the device can be used with. More power produces better results with the Searzall. Searing your meat after you sous vide will give you the desired color and extra flavor. A steak with no sear is just not going to be as desirable.

You can achieve a perfect sear without unwanted cooking taking place. The Searzall is also good for when you want to spot sear small areas on your food. True, you could simply use the torch. The problem with the torch alone is the butane taste that can taint the flavor of the meat. The device also diffuses the heat so that you can get more even results.

While a Searzall is not an essential item for sous vide cooking, you may find that its benefits justify the expense. If you already own a compatible torch then you’re looking at somewhere around $75 list price (check price on Amazon) to accomplish more even results and avoid that butane flavor.

If you need to pick up the TS8000 torch as well, it’s another $81.50 list price, but you can check Amazon prices for a deal.

You will need to get the fuel cylinders, which are fairly inexpensive.