Oliso Vacuum Sealer, Sous Vide Recommended

When you scroll a little bit down the page and see what this vacuum sealer looks like (OK take a peek at it right now) you may think it looks a little different than other vacuum sealers. Odd, perhaps. But it performs so well I think you’ll quickly come to put in on your short list. Looks aren’t everything. And with vacuum sealers, when you find a good one at the price point you want, it’s time to go ahead and commit. So let’s take a look at this Oliso vacuum sealer. Sous vide pouches never were easier or more fun to make.

Oliso Pro VS97A Outdoor Smart Vacuum Sealer

This unit says it is an “outdoor” unit which only makes it more versatile, in my opinion. It has a 12 volt DC adapter so you can plug it in to your vehicle or boat. So in addition to using it at home on your kitchen counter to make your sous vide pouches, you can take it along when you go fishing. my husband loves it for this reason.


  • Compact, portable design
  • Two modes to choose from: liquid mode or dry mode, depending on what foods you’re sealing
  • Dual-motors produce commercial-level power for high quality results and long-lasting freshness
  • It’s so small that you can easily store it in a kitchen drawer
  • 17 x 12.2 x 4.7 inches
  • One-year warranty
  • Sweet carrying case
  • Unique vacuum sealing process (see below)

How it Works:

This Oliso vacuum sealer has a different sealing method than the others. First you put your food into one of their special pouches that seal up like a Ziploc. Then you place the pouch in the machine for sealing. It works by making a small puncture in the bag and sucking the air out from the small hole, and then sealing that up. I recommend that you watch the video on the product page. It’s kind of mesmerizing and it shows you what I mean.

Oliso Pro VS97A Outdoor Smart Vacuum Sealer, Green
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Oliso Pro VS97A Outdoor Smart Vacuum Sealer, Green
  • EXCLUSIVE PUNCH-&-SEAL TECHNOLOGY - Creates a tiny opening in the bag, removes air and creates airtight, waterproof heat seal, keeping air out and freshness in
  • SAVE MONEY - Store food to keep fresh 5X longer, micro-waving, simmering, sous vide cooking or saving valuables; eco-friendly BPA free VAC-SNAP bags are resealable and can be used up to 10 times
  • ADVANCED FUNCTIONS - Liquid detection ensures precision when sealing wet foods or liquids, dry mode to seal dry goods such as herbs and spices, stop & seal for fragile food, and flexi tube attachment seals bottles and jars
  • COMMERCIAL VACUUM POWER - Boasts powerful dual-motor system and features no-touch start VAC-SNAP detection; compact design is easy to store in kitchen drawer, cabinet or counter top
  • EASY TO OPERATE AND PORTABLE - Progress indicators take the guess work out of sealing; the durable water-resistant carrying case and 12' long 12 volt DC adapter cord enables you to use on the go in your car, boat or RV
  • INCLUDES - 1 Oliso Pro Smart Vacuum Sealer, 1 Water Resistant Carrying Case, 1 Flexi Tube, 1 Magnetic Zip Disc, 1 12 foot 12V DC Power Adapter, 5 Large VAC-SNAP (1 Gallon) Bags; 1 year limited lifetime manufacturer warranty

So, what do you think of my little outdoorsy friend?

Two things I love the most about it are the small size since I have a small kitchen and I hate having bulky stuff to store. Secondly, it just works so well. It does a beautiful job and is super easy to use.

The downside of this particular unit is probably just the fact that it’s kind of noisy. So you probably won’t be able to do this during nap time if you have a small house like I do. It could be described as vacuum cleaner-like in terms of noise level.

Another thing to consider is the fact that you’ll be married to the Oliso bags like these right here.

The nice thing about the bags is that you can reuse them up to 10 times according to the company. Because of their sealing method, you can just open up the zipper top and remove your food, save the bag and use it again. This is helpful since bag costs as of this writing are running at about $1.20 per bag for the gallon size. Also we like recycling.

All things considered this vacuum sealer is a great pick-up since, as I’ve said elsewhere, vacuum sealers are really the difficult part of sous vide cooking, in my opinion. Many of them don’t work well for very long, they suddenly die, the have trouble making a good seal, making some popular units quite unreliable. And this little Oliso vacuum sealer is so cute I just can’t wait to take it on a road trip. We can just pull over and start making vacuum pouches. In the middle of nowhere.

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